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Massawepie Staff Alumni Association logo Welcome to the MSAA website! The Association is made up of past staff members (paid or volunteer) of the Massawepie Scout Camps. Our mission is to provide "Spirit, Service, and Support" to Massawepie. Upcoming events:

Beaver Weekend at Massawepie
    June 3-5, 2016
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JULY, 2015, NEWS


Big News! For 2015, the Alumni Association is again tackling a project to honor long-time staff members. Following in the tradition of our Loren Hakes Campfire Circle and the Ray and Addy Meyering Rifle Range, we will be raising funds to honor the Turner Family by renaming the Massawepie Trek Center as the Turner Trek Center. (Since that building is already built, the funds raised will go to the Massawepie Square Foot Endowment to permanently fund future camp maintenance and equipment needs.)

The Turner family (Gerry, Doris, Russ, Ginny, Nancy, Doug, Laura, Michelle, Samantha, and Justin) collectively have served over 100 seasons on Massawepie staff! Doug has served as Trek Director for 25 summers, assisted by Laura for much of that time, and is known throughout Adirondack Scout Camps for his trek expertise. Naming the Trek Center for them certainly seems appropriate, and will accomplish two worthy things at once: recognize the Turner family's service at camp, and strengthen the Square Foot Endowment for the future of Massawepie.

The Seneca Waterways Council has agreed to rename the Trek Center if the Alumni Association can raise $25,000 in donations for the Massawepie Square Foot Endowment. (That's considerably less than might usually be expected to name a camp building, in recognition of the Turner family's service to Massawepie.) Over $4000 has already been raised from the Alumni Association's Executive Committee and a friend. We'll need the help of many, many past staff members and friends to raise the additional $21,000. Any donor of more than $60 will receive a "free" one-year membership in the Alumni Association. Other recognitions are available for donors of $100 (an Alumni Associaton 15th Anniversary refrigerator magnet), $200 (a Turner Trek Center lapel/hat pin), $500 (name on a plaque on the building), or more. For more details, download the
Turner Trek Center brochure. Alumni Association members will receive a copy of the brochure with the Spring newsletter in early May. Please consider giving whatever you can afford to help support Massawepie's future and to honor our long-tme staffers!


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Massawepie is the Boy Scout summer camp for the
Seneca Waterways Council which serves youth in Monroe County (Rochester), New York.   The Massawepie Scout Camps are located on New York State Route 3 between Cranberry Lake and Tupper Lake in the Adirondack Mountains.

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