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Massawepie Staff Alumni Association logo Welcome to the MSAA website! The Association is made up of past staff members (paid or volunteer) of the Massawepie Scout Camps. Our mission is to provide "Spirit, Service, and Support" to Massawepie. Upcoming events:

Beaver Weekend at Massawepie
    June 5-7, 2015
Fall Event
    September, TBD
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Were you on the 2005 or 1985 Massawepie Staff? Then start planning to come to Massawepie June 5-7, 2015! The MSAA is sponsoring 30th and 10th Anniversary (respectively) Staff Reunions during Beaver Weekend this year. Get together with some old friends and help get Massawepie ready for the summer season. More details to come.


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Massawepie is the Boy Scout summer camp for the Seneca Waterways Council which serves youth in Monroe County (Rochester), New York.   The Massawepie Scout Camps are located on New York State Route 3 between Cranberry Lake and Tupper Lake in the Adirondack Mountains.

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